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219,00 €
Caja Acustica Reflex
Subwoofer 8" 200mm
400 Watios RMS
800 Watios Pico
Impedancia 2+2 Ohm
Configurable a 4 o 1 Ohm
Sensibilidad 90 dB
Conector de alta calidad
Proyector de subwoofer incluido
Dimensiones 46 x 33 x 18 cm
Instalacion en Vertical o Horizontal



The vented QUANTUM QSB enclosures feature a very compact design . With an impedance of 2+2 ohms each, the subwoofer can also be operated in 4 ohms or even in 1 ohm in order to get the maximum out of the amplifier. Thanks to the large voice coils (50 mm at the QSB6 and 64 mm at the QSB8 and the new model QSB10, these subwoofers are designed for a dynamic performance and can be powered by even more powerful amps. Thanks to the flat design, the new QSB enclosures find the right place in almost every vehicle. With a height of only 16 cm, the QSB6 box can even be placed in a double floor of the trunk, or for example behind the seat. The included protection grilles protect the woofers optimally in all models. For QSB6 and QSB8, optional standing feet are included, allowing the speakers to be placed on the belly in the trunk.

QSB8v2 € 219,00*

20 cm (8”) Bassreflex System

Power Rating 400/800 Watts RMS/max.

Impedance 2 + 2 Ohms

64 mm Dual Voice Coil

Compact Enclosure with Logo Embroidery

With Protection Grille and optional Standing Feet

Dimensions: 46 x 33 x 18 cm


Owner's Manual

Test Report

Información adicional

Marca ESX
Tipo de caja Reflex
Potencia 400-800 Watios
Dimensiones Altavoz 8"

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