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ESX SXE1200.1D

Amplificador MONO Digital
1x300 Watios RMS a 4 Ohm
1x450 Watios RMS a 2 Ohm
1x600 Watios RMS a 1 Ohm
Crossover ajustable LP 40-150Hz
Filtro Subsonico 10-35 Hz
Bass Boost 0-12dB
Entrada de alto nivel
Auto Turn On
Dimensiones 220x53x268 mm
199,00 €


The new SIGNUM SXE series is visually inspired by the successful HORIZON HXE series, but already shows with the massive connection terminals and the noble aluminum end panels that it plays a class higher. The new amplifiers are also the first choice in terms of sound: The high-quality NE5532 operation amplifiers in the input section ensure the finest resolutions over the entire frequency range and guarantee lowest distortion values. The amps were also upgraded with the high-level inputs with auto turn-on; they are equipped with the “Error Protection System” (EPS), so when connected to OEM factory radios no functions are impaired or error messages are written to the vehicle memory. All models are equipped with bandpass filters and the 1 ohm stable, high-performance Class D mono blocks offer additionally a phase controller and the master/ slave option for linking two identical amps including a very small, easy-to-install cable remote control for the bass level. Further models of the series are in planning.

  • Aluminum Heat sink with Acrylic Inlays and flush-mount Diamond Cut-Logo

  • Aluminum Frames on the end panels

  • Massive Terminals

  • Bottom panel with sturdy Mounting Brackets

  • High Level Inputs with Error Protection System

  • Auto Turn-On via High Level Inputs

  • MOSFET PWM-Power Supply, 3-way Protection Circuit

  • Master/Slave Link Mode

  • Compact Bass Remote


Mono Class D Digital Amplifier

1200 Watts Max. Output Power

1 x 300/450/600 Watts RMS @ 4/2/1 Ohms

LPF 40-150 Hz, Subsonic 10-35 Hz

Bass-Boost 0-12 dB, Phase Shift 0-180°

High Level Inputs, Auto Turn-On

Master/Slave Mode, Bass-Remote Controller

Dimensions: 220 x 53 x 268 mm

Efficiency up to 88%


Owner's Manual

Más información
Marca ESX
Tipo Class Digital, High Quality, Integracion OEM, Profesional, SPL, Standard
Potencia 400-800 Watios
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