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Hertz H8 DSP

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Hertz H8 DSP

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355,00 €
Procesador de sonido Digital
Entrada de alto nivel de 4 canales FL - FR - RL - RR
Entrada de fibra opticia
Salida de 8 canalaes Ajsutable
Conexion para PC por USB
Valido XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Crossover ajustable LP - HP - MP - Sub
Ecualizador de 31 bandas
Alineamiento de tiempo



Car audio processor

Hertz H8 DSP car audio processor is capable of interfacing with any analog and/or digital source, transforming ordinary “audio” into a high-performance integrated system. The simple and intuitive computer software ensures a wide array of adjustments to improve the acoustic response of a complex environment like the car compartment. It provides 7 signal inputs with a variety of connection options: four high-level inputs, also accepting low-level pre-amplified signals; a stereo auxiliary input and an optical digital input accepting signals at a sample rate up to 96/24 bit. The optical digital input (selectable through the DRC HE remote control and from the “Optical / AUX select” terminal) nullifies interferences and signal deteriorations also by-passing the analog signals A/D conversion stages.  Thanks to the configuration Wizard provided by the software during the set-up, the H8 DSP can automatically sum up multiple filtered channels (for instance, woofer plus tweeter), “flatten” the OEM source equalized response curve and reconstruct a centre, rear and/or subwoofer channel with a simple stereo input. By reading the test track on the CD provided, the H8 DSP recreates a full-bandwidth signal, with a flat frequency response and released after processing for an outstanding sound quality.  The H8 DSP features 8 PRE OUT analog outputs each of them including: a 31 band equalizer, a 66 step electronic crossover, Linkwitz- Riley or Butterworth filters with selectable 6 – 24 dB adjustable slopes and digital time delay functions. 

Developed according to specific ergonomics criteria required by the Car Audio industry, the PC software facilitates direct access to all the available functions for the signal treatment, providing immediate results, as well as extreme operational accuracy. Setting the parameters of each input single channel, adjusting the delays according to the listening position, tuning the crossovers and equalizers for each output channel; these are just some of the operations that can be managed by the PC software based on Windows platform (XP, Vista, 7,8, 10) to be used in Standard or Expert mode. 

The PC software is available in English, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean. The user can select the language and the change will be applied to the drop-down menus as well as to the Context Help messages. The number of available languages will increase: once updates are available, they will be downloadable from the bit Drive portal (

The optional DRC HE enables the main system control without the use of a PC. Thanks to this device, installed in an ergonomic position within the car dashboard, the user can: choose between two “tuning” configurations previously saved using the PC software; select the source from the master, auxiliary and optical digital inputs ; adjust main system functions (volume, balance, fader and subwoofer volume).

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Data table

Input Stage
High Level (Speaker)
Low Level (Pre):

FL - FR - RL - RR
Digital Optical IN
(S/PDIF max 96 kHz/24bit)

Output stage
Low Level Pre (default):

From / To Personal Computer:
Optical / AUX select:
Memory A / Memory B:

1 x USB / B
Audio controls and Memory / Inputs selection
Optical In / Aux wire control + 12V / GND enable
Memory A / B wire control + 12V / GND enable
General requirements
PC connections:

USB 1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0 Compatible
Software/PC requirements
Microsoft Windows (32/64 bit):

XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Size W x H x D

191 x 34 x 131 / 7.51” x 1.33” x 4.76”

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Información adicional

Tamaño Din No
Marca coche No
Tipo Class Digital, High Quality, Profesional
Potencia No
Marca Hertz

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