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Crossover 2 Vias Alta Gama
Corte de frecuencia 2.5 o 3.5 KHz
Woofer/ medio 6 dB
Tweeter a 12 dB
Ajustes de pendiente y curva
Dimensiones 195 x 119 x 41


Component 2 Way Passive Crossover
Power Handling W peak 300
Continuous 150
Crossover Woofer Lo-pass 6 dB Oct.
Tweeter Hi-pass 12 dB Oct.
Cut-off 2.5 kHz (Mid/Hi-Cont. = ON)
3.5 kHz (Mid/Hi-Cont. = OFF)
Adjustment Tweeter +2 / 0 / -2 dB
Hi-Boost ON / OFF
Hi-Contour ON / OFF
Mid-Contour ON / OFF
Bi-Amp ON / OFF
Size mm 195 x 119 x 41
(in.) (7.67 x 4.68 x 1.61)
Weight kg (lb) 0,57 (1.26)

1. Bi-amplification available, selectable through appropriate hi-current rating switch
with hi-current carrying capability.
2. “Mid-Contour” two-position control, for a linear mid-bass frequency response
according to the woofers position in the car and the listener’s favourite sound.
3. “Hi-Contour” two-position control, to select the tweeter hi-pass crossover point
selection according to the tweeter position/angle towards the listener.
4. “Mid-Contour” in conjunction with “Hi-Contour” provides the ability to use MLCX 2 TW.3
to build a two way system based on ML 1650.3 or ML 1800.3 woofer together with
ML 280.3 tweeter.
5. Three-position switch for tweeter level adjustments in 2 dB steps, to fine-tune the
transducer’s emission.
6. “Hi-Boost” control, selectable through appropriate switch, to provide better linearity
of the tweeter emission above 10kHz when positioned not on axis to with the listener.
7. Extremely high quality bi-metallized 160V polyester film capacitors with ultra-low DF,
for maximum sound transparency and neat mid/hi-frequencies.
8. Air wound inductors built on pure copper-wire with up to 1mm diameter, for high
saturation threshold of the magnetic flux and low losses on the woofer section
where high transient currents are demanded.
9. High power rating Wirewound resistors, to ensure performance stability even at high
operating temperature. The Wirewound build construction grants low parasitic series
inductance thus

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Tamaño Din No
Marca coche No
Tipo Competicion, High Quality, Profesional, Standard
Potencia No
Marca Hertz

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